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Ceiling Fan Installation | CWS Services

ceiling fan installation There are many reasons to have a ceiling fan installation performed on your home. Besides keeping you cool in the hot summers of Texas a ceiling fan installation can help lower your energy bill by making the room more comfortable thus allowing you to lower your thermostat settings. You may also choose a ceiling fan installation to add beauty to a room. Ceiling fans today come in many many styles and price range. Most new fans run very smoothly and quietly. CWS Services can install your ceiling fan either indoors or outdoors. We also offer a variety of options for your ceiling fan control. So the next time you want a little more comfort from your room, think about CWS Services and allow us to provide you with a ceiling fan installation that will make your home more comfortable.

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A ceiling fan improves cooling in summer and heating in winter. The result: You feel more comfortable while you save on utility bills. And installing them yourself is much easier, thanks to new, strong hanging systems and electronic controls. We show you how to avoid common pitfalls when installing one yourself. (Read More)