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Mini Split Installation | CWS Services

CWS Services located in Killeen Texas offers mini split installation. A mini split is an excellent and flexible solution for indoor temperature management and comfort control.  A ductless mini split gives you the ability to control your home or office’s heating and cooling without having to run duct work. This solution to your heating and air conditioning is a great alternative when duct work is either not available or not cost effective to install. A ductless mini split installation is perfect for room additions, outdoor portable buildings, home remodels, sun rooms, cabins, garages or anywhere that duct work is lacking. A ductless mini split is also a great supplement to existing HVAC system.

Ductless Mini Split Benefits

Targeted Comfort Zones

Conventional forced air systems distribute warm and or cool air throughout a building or home via ductwork which can often times leak. The entire system is controlled by a singular thermostat which rely on the temperature in one area. A ductless mini split system even the systems that have multiple indoor units that we refer to as zones, are controlled individually which gives you more control over each rooms temperature. By being able to control the individual rooms temperature you waste less warm or cool air and this saves energy.

Speaking of Saving Energy

Ductless mini split systems do not have ductwork. Therefore there is no loss of air due to the long stretches of ductwork that a conventional system would use to transfer the cool or warm air to specific rooms or zones. In fact, distribution energy loss in typical forced air systems has been estimated to be as high as 40%. That’s a lot of lost cool or warm air. And the loss of air costs us money.

Inverter Technology

Another great advantage that these ductless mini split systems have over conventional forced air systems is inverter technology. Conventional units normally operate at a fixed speed and are controlled by a thermostat. Because of this forced air units either operate at maximum capacity and then suddenly shut off all together once the desired temperature is achieved. These starts and stops are normally what begins to wear out the units components and lead to more frequent maintenance. Ductless mini plits that have inverter technology eliminate the harsh starts and stops. Inverter technology allows the compressor to increase and decrease power more gradually.

Your Mini Split Installation Specialist

CWS Services is your number one choice when it comes to mini split installation. With over forty years of experience in the HVAC industry our professional technicians are knowledgeable and courteous. Call us today for all your HVAC needs.