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Today there are many reasons why you might find your HVAC under water and suddenly have a need to properly cleaning your HVAC. Especially if you live in hurricane zones and or flood zones than you are even more venerable. In all actuality any area that is below sea level has the chance to be flooded. Heavy rains and poor drainage systems can certainly be a contributing factor to flooding. If you ever find, yourself in a position where your HVAC system is under water, then here are some important things to remember;

  1. There are proper ways to clean flooded HVAC equipment. In some cases it makes more economical sense to replace the damaged equipment.
  2. HVAC systems that are submerged in water not only get dirt inside of them, but they’ll also likely become contaminated with bacteria and fungi, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  3. Microorganisms can grow on all HVAC components; a system must be thoroughly inspected after a flood, and properly cleaned and disinfected to ensure healthy air quality.
  4. Any components that are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to water, such as; the furnace, heat pumps etc.. Should be replaced instead of repaired.
  5. Call CWS Services and be sure that there are no contaminants.


CWS Services located in Killeen Texas can assist you in case your HVAC needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected. Call us today for all your heating and cooling needs.