You may be among the many homeowners looking for ways to save money on their energy bill this year. During the summer, considering AC Repair in Killeen Texas is a recommended step to reduce electricity bills. Homeowners in need of AC Repair in Killeen Texas should contact the experts at CWS Services to fix any inefficiencies the unit may have. When waiting too late for AC Repair in Killeen Texas, there will be greater expenses to you.

During these winter months, there are small and large changes that can be made to improve the efficiency of your furnace and better seal your home to help your monthly heating bill. Ranging from simple to more complex, the following tips will reduce your heating bill costs this winter. Simple The most straightforward tip on reducing heating bill costs is to turn down the thermostat. Even if you need to grab a jacket for warmth, turning down the thermostat by even one degree will have a noticeable impact on your heating bill.

Another easy tip is to utilize an electric blanket for warmth. A great way to help you sleep with the thermostat turned down during the night, is to put the electric blanket on your bed for 15 minutes. After the fifteen minutes, turn off the electric blanket and enjoy the warmth as you fall asleep, Opening blinds and curtains throughout the day to use the sun for free heat is a great way to keep warm without turning up the thermostat. Slightly More Effort Every year you should tune up your furnace. Cleaning and adjusting can improve the efficiency of your furnace. Another perk of tuning your furnace is catching inexpensive problems before they become expensive.

A great way to save energy is to use a space heater for the part of the house you will spend the most time in, and turning down the thermostat for the rest of the house. Using a handheld draft detector or a lit candle to seal drafts around your home is another way to reduce the costs of your heating bill. When looking for drafts with a candle , walk around slowly and look for a breeze to hit the flame. One you’ve found the drafts, replace weather stripping or apply foam insulation. Huge Changes One of the best ways to save on your home heating bill is replacement of your furnace if it is at least ten years old. With insulation breaking down and losing volume over time, a great way to prevent heat loss is by replacing your attic insulation if it is less than 12 inches. You can also get a professional to conduct a home energy audit. The professional will look for the cause of your energy inefficiency and provide you with a report.